Tonight’s the Night!

One of the things that I have most enjoyed about my time at Iceland Travel as Manager of the Shore Excursion Department, is entering and winning awards. (Competitive much?! Moi?!)

To date the cruise department has won several highly prestigious industry awards and tonight sees us standing as proud finalists in two categories at the Wave Awards which are to be held at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.
Naturally I am very excited? Wouldn’t you be?
I think it is important to note that it is a shore excursion department winning these awards – not a cruise line, or a high flying marketing or PR office. A shore excursion department. A small group of motivated, passionate individuals who work exceptionally hard at creating memorable shore excursions for cruise passengers visiting our wonderful destination, Iceland.
A department that has so far been recognised for its outstanding efforts no less than six times.

Such is the standard of excellence you receive when booking your shore excursions through your cruise line. Many of the tours we offer are exclusive tour options that you will not find anywhere else on the market. They have been dreamed up by a group of individuals who really do want you to experience the best. I founded the Shorex department at Iceland Travel in 2008 and am extremely proud at what we have achieved these last eight years during my time at the wheel.

* Seatrade Insider Award, Innovative Shorex of the Year Finalist – 2013
* FEG (Federation of European Tour Guides) fair deal tour award Winner- 2012
* Seatrade Insider Award, Innovative Shorex of the Year Winner – 2011
* Seatrade Insider Award, Marketing Initiative of the Year Winner- 2010
* The World and ResidenSea Top Ten Tour Operators – 2010
* CIMTIG Travel Marketing Award Silver Standard – 2010/11

Tonight (February 18th 2016) sees us as finalists in two categories at the Cruise Wave Awards, so please wish us well..

  • Best Marketing Campaign (including advertising) for our #ImetTominIceland campaign
    (HT Sif Gustavsson)
  • Escorted & Specialist Tour Operator of the Year

As the saying goes, ‘winners don’t wait for chances, they take them’.
Yikes – fighting talk. Place your bets now please.
I look forward to keeping you posted on how we fare and to sharing updates via Twitter and Instagram throughout the evening, so please do follow me!

In the meantime its back to ironing the posh frock and plugging in the heated rollers in readiness for this evening’s gala event.
Oh, and did I mention that I was excited?


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