Summer 2018 – Iceland Road Trip

I know, right?! I cannot tell you just how excited I am right now.
(I’m assuming that you read the post excerpt? Because if you didn’t then you might just be feeling a bit lost as to the reason behind this sudden outburst of positivity.)
So just to be sure, here it is again.

‘The sabbatical is over folks! I’m back at the laptop – poised and ready to share my radical plans for summer 2018 with you and the outside world. It’s going to be an absolute corker of a summer; one that’s guaranteed to fuel envy. How could it not?
How does the idea of spending a summer slow-driving around Iceland in a retro camper sound to you? You know, the whole bucket listy thing; quirky caravan for two… midnight sun… spectacular Icelandic nature… hiking formidable lava landscapes… bathing in geothermal hot springs… no rush…no stress…’ blah

Well, this dream is about to become a reality for me and I hope you join and support me on my journey, envious or not.

I have lived Iceland for more than 20 years and during those 20 years, I have been very fortunate to have travelled to many parts of this beautiful country. I have travelled professionally both as a tour guide and as a shore excursion developer. And I have also travelled as a wife and mum with my family in our old pop top camper.
But this time it will be different. This time it will be documented and savoured in a way that wasn’t ever possible before. This time it will be just me and Ægir.
This time I have the one thing that know is going to make all the difference. I will have time.

Time to take in the views. Time to walk the walk and hike the hikes. Time to take the pictures and videos. Time to wait for perfect drone weather. Or just wait because we can. Take time to just breathe.

Over the next weeks and months, I will be sharing my plans via this blog and other social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram.
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