The Hawaiian dream continues with Kauai – Lights, Camera, Action!

Today we explore shore side experiences from the port of Nawiliwili on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
Think Lights, Camera, Action! For luscious, gorgeous Kauai is a longstanding tropical favourite of Hollywood and has featured in more than 60 films over the years. Whilst researching this post I stumbled on a fascinating website dedicated to Kauai’s 80 year film history here where, amongst many other interesting things, I learned that South Pacific, Blue Hawaii, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park and its sequels were but a few of the blockbusters to be filmed here.

Kauai is undeniably an extremely beautiful and photogenic island. Green, rugged and untouchable – with much of the island’s natural beauty only accessible from the air and to the eye. Perhaps unsurprisingly helicopter tours remain the number one tour choice for most visitors.
I found it an unforgettable visual experience. Flying over waterfalls and canyons, lush green forests and red hued cliffs, discovering hidden coves and white sand beaches – each view more breathtaking than the last. Our suitably low key, ‘drama-voiced’ pilot was extremely well informed and gave an oscar worthy narrative as we swooped and glided in amongst the canyon walls and cliffs – brilliant stuff!
Tour highlights include the Waimea Canyon, aka ‘The Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ and the dramatic Na Pali Coastline – where sheer cliffs plunge thousands of feet deep into the ocean. Mt. Waialeale also features, as does the unique Alakai Swamp at its summit – which incidentally lays claim to being one of the wettest places on the earth.

For those seeking their shore side thrills a little closer to the ground then any tour that takes in a visit to Kipu Ranch Adventures gets my vote. The stunning landscape surroundings of the Kipu Ranch have played host to such blockbusters as Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean, Outbreak, and Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark.
The tropical 4×4 off road tour was an absolute riot and considered a huge success by everyone in our group. Expect to have lots of fun and get dirty as the trail can get pretty muddy on occasions. Good shoes are a must.

Another adventurous tour option that you might like to consider is a motorised canoe ride up the Hule’iea River –  just sit back, enjoy the ride and enjoy the wildlife sightings along the way.
Sounds good to me. Now where’s that camera?


Many thanks to Sunshine Helicopters, JJ’s Broilers, Outfitters Kauai, Kipu Ranch Adventures, Atlantis Adventures, MC&A Inc. and the Kauai Partners.


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