My Top Five Bring-Along-A-Cruise Essentials #LoveCruise

I love cruising and I love shopping. Especially online shopping.. Nothing nicer than knowing that your cruise vacation is booked and confirmed, you’ve checked in online, printed your bag tags ready for embarkation and your ESTA has been check, check, checked again. Happy Days!
Now is the time to sit back and let the more ‘relaxed’ stages of the pre-cruise planning begin!
I am of course referring to online shopping.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as browsing for summer dresses and beach wear whilst winter gales rage outside. So understandably, it’s all too easy to get ever-soslightly carried away on occasions (though usually more likely if wine is involved..) Especially living in Iceland where the trials of a long, dark nordic winter can sometimes prove to be rather a challenge to the positive mood.

I have made some dreadful mistakes – really I have. The box(ES) of plastic stick on toe nails, a mini paint roller purchased with optimistic objective of effortlessly applying false tan to my back. (Oh, don’t ask me.. I just read it online somewhere and the next thing I knew it was click, click, ‘thank you for your purchase!’)
So no, sorry, I never used it, and am therefore unqualified to offer comment on whether or not it works. #OneBornEveryMinute

BUT I have also made some really great purchases  – ones that have proven to be really handy and really quite savvy! And without further ado. Here are my top five favourite bring-along-cruise essentials. Cheap, cheerful and all-too-easily available at an Amazon Outlet near you..

A small detachable parasol – the same as used on a stroller or pushchair
Genius! I am not really one for the crowded pool area and prefer to sunbathe in the more low-key areas of the ship. Parasols and shade are often rare commodities in such places – but not when you have this little beauty to hand! Easy to pack, lightweight and very handy for clipping to your sun lounger – providing that little bit of extra shade where and when you need it.

Reading sunglasses
Sounds obvious I know, but it took me a while to find these – and now that I have, they are an essential item on my cruise packing list. So nice to lie back, relax, soak up a few rays and read with ease. And on the subject of reading and books. I always head straight to the library on embarkation day – as early as possible in fact. It’s the early book worm that catches the most sought after titles on embarkation day!

Elastic Towel Grip
I used to bring along those bulky towel pegs to secure my towel on my sunlounger. You know the ones – shaped like parrots and dolphins etc. Cute and fun – but bulky. Especially when you are prone to flying long haul and cruising for 14 nights or longer! Then I discovered TowelWizz which is basically a sturdy loop of elastic that fits snuggly around the sun lounger and secures the towel.
Brilliant! Folds up to nothing and is VERY effective.


Packing Cubes
What a clever idea these are! Pack each cube according to contents – swim and beach wear, undies, t.shirts, toiletries etc. No need to unpack on board. Simply pop straight into the storage space. There are different sizes and sorts of combinations out there – rather like cruises really. One to suit every interest, penchant and budget. Amazon has a great range and is where I very conveniently found mine.

A stemless Outdoor Wine Glass
I know I am probably going to have to convince you on this one..But hear me out. The on-line description is as follows: Portable Cup with Non-Spill Slideback Sippy Lid, Double Wall Insulated to Keep Your Drink Cooler for Longer, Drop-proof and Shatterproof. 10oz (284ml) Capacity – perfect for a large wine or cocktail. Yes, you read that correctly – perfect for a LARGE wine or cocktail!

I’m sold…


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