About Liz

Hello and welcome to my blog – a combination of all things me – Liz Gammon, the Shorexpert. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by and hope you enjoy the read.

Alongside offering readers the opportunity to catch up on the latest news and happenings in the exciting world of cruise shore excursions, Shorexpert is also a collection of life learnings and anecdotes garnered during my time on the planet. I have thus far have managed to live incredibly privileged life. I was born in Wales and found myself blessed with a unique set of life skills, amongst them being able to sing and play the piano (by ear!) It is thanks to a combination of these skills – plus a lot of luck and determination – that have allowed me to travel widely, experience some wonderful adventures, meet kazzilions of great people (and some not so great) and pick up a few languages along the way. Having three children, three grandchildren and a husband – all of whom are of course fantastic – is the cherry on that very fortunate and truly appreciated cake.

“Shorexpert is a unique combination of all things Liz Gammon”

  • As manager of shore excursions and cruise services at Iceland Travel, Iceland’s largest and longest running travel agency.
  • As a tour guide traversing the highways and byways of my adoptive home Iceland.
  • About my years spent singing and playing the piano as an international piano bar entertainer during the 80´s & 90’s.
  • About my adventures and experiences along the glorious, but occasionally bumpy, road of mother and grandmotherhood.
  • About my years spent living an exciting double life as a wife and domestic goddess.

In attempt to bring some order to proceedings the blog topics are set up into three categories


This section calls on my professional experience and success in the shore excursions and travel industry – both as a qualified tour guide, and as a manager of a busy, award winning shore excursion department. Where for the last 8 years I have overseen the successful and safe operation of hundreds of shore excursions for hundreds of thousands of passengers from 12 ports in Iceland, working with more than 25 cruise lines.


This section is about what’s happening in the cruise industry in general – though with a shore excursion focus and from my own personal and professional point of view. Please note that these observations are based on MY own personal thoughts, MY own personal experiences and are from MY own personal view point.


This section features stories and anecdotes about my personal life. This includes my daily life in Iceland where I have lived for the last 18 years, stories about my past life as a professional musician travelling solo around the world and my experiences as a mother, grandmother and wife.

And without further ado, I bid you a warm and sincere welcome on board Shorexpert. If you like what you read and want to keep up with the comings and goings in the world of cruise shore excursions, why not sign up for my newsletter and follow me on social media?

I look forward to keeping in touch!